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Somm On Call

Need help selecting the ‘Perfect’ Pairings for a menu or a dinner party? There’s rarely only one right answer. We can also help select wines from a restaurant wine list for an evening out, and help find answers to all those wine questions you’ve wondered about, too.

Cellar Stocking & Assessment

This is an opportunity to examine the wines you already own, assessing the time frame in which you should enjoy them and with what they may best be paired. If you’ve got an empty wine fridge or rack, this experience provides the opportunity to thoughtfully replenish it based on your unique preferences.

Palate Assessment
This consists of two parts: an in-depth conversation and questionnaire about your thoughts on wine and a side-by-side-by-side comparison tasting of up to a dozen unique wines. This allows us to triangulate on your personal preferences.
This experience is both educational and fun and can be done singly, as a couple, or even as a private party for up to 10 people.
Ongoing Wine Shopping Support


Suppose you drink only 3 bottles per week, that means you’re likely enjoying over a case each month  - what do you do about restocking your cellar? This option can be tailored to create a monthly list of suggestions based on your unique preferences, a shopping list of what you might want to try next, even suggestions on where to purchase your next favorite wine.

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